The SGEM – Ped Appi Score in Adolescent females!

I am the guest skeptic this week on the Skeptics’ Guide to Emergency Medicine (SGEM). The goal of the SGEM is to cut the knowledge translation window down from over ten years to less than one year using the power of social media.
Ken Milne and I did a critical appraisal of this recent publication by Scheller et al in AEM  It looked at how well the Pediatric Appendicitis Score (PAS) performs for adolescent female patients?
You can read our critical review of this paper AEM paper on the SGEM blog. You can also hear our discussion with the discuss the lead author Dr. RoseAnn Scheller on iTunes  This is all part of the Free Open Access to Medical Education (FOAMed) initiative.
This paper is Hot Off the Press. You can join the conversation on Twitter (#SGEMHOP), Facebook or the SGEM blog. The best social media feedback will be published in a future edition of AEM.
Remember to always draw your own conclusions!

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