I worry that there is a trend moving us from healthy skepticism towards nihilism. All comments refer to the rant on sucrose (https://first10em.com).  I will attempt to not suffer from “The Fallacy Fallacy – Presuming a claim to be necessarily wrong because a fallacy has been committed.”  (https://yourlogicalfallacyis.com)   “The idea […]

Skepticism or nihilism? A rant on a rant.

Great podcast with the SGEM this week – see:  http://thesgem.com/2016/12/sgem167-the-management-of-bronchiolitis-in-community-hospitals/ Original article is at:  https://www.cambridge.org/core/journals/canadian-journal-of-emergency-medicine/article/div-classtitlemanagement-of-bronchiolitis-in-community-hospitals-in-ontario-a-multicentre-cohort-studydiv/0695FE4CF5FC7FEA3C09836CDB1D104A

Bronchiolitis – are we doing it wrong??